Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weigh in Week 4

I have now been doing the Body for Life challenge for 4 weeks. I have to say that I definitely feel different. I just feel healthier. This past weekend we were REALLY bad on our free day. We ate out several times and it was all pretty bad food. I then skipped my workouts on Sunday and on Tuesday because I haven't been feeling well. I think being at home all of the time is starting to get me down, so I will be making a concerted effort to have a to do list and complete it each day.

So, on to the juicy details.

Weight - 242.2 (-.6 pounds)
Hips - 49.5 (-.5 inches)
Waist - 40 (-1 inch)
Bust - 39 (no change)
Bicep - 14.5 (+.5 inches)
Thigh - 27.5 (-1 inch)
Calf - 17 (no change)

Overall, I think it is good but I know I can do better. I need to get back on track with my workouts and increase my loss.

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