Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Food Log

This log will list everything I have eaten for the day along with all of the nutritional information for that food. I got the information from I also include my exercise for the day and the calories burned. I then tally a net calorie intake for the day.


  1. Oh Tara,
    I am heading for my third week of no weight loss. It is so frustrating. I am trying to figure out the problem. Think I will go back to the food log thng. Tomorrow I weigh in again. Wish me luck.
    - Mom

  2. Yeah, I have been stuck in a rut with weigh loss. Thomas started questioning how many calories I was taking in so I decided to start the food log again.

    On a positive note, I've been on glucophage for 3 days and I've lost almost a full pound so far. We'll see if I start seeing some good results now.

    I really think the food log will help you out. I also think you need to add in a little more exercise. Good luck losing this week!