Saturday, February 13, 2010

Took some time off

So I did not do a weigh-in this past Wednesday. I really fell off the wagon with the diet. We had a couple of huge snow storms which kept us snow bound in the house for almost a full week. This lead to not only skipping the majority of my workouts but also to eating really bad food. We had cabin fever and we made ourselves feel better by eating junk. I'm hoping that we got it all out of our systems and are back on track now.

The good that came out of it:

We could really tell a difference health wise. We were lethargic and grumpy all week. We both just kind of felt like crap after eating all of that junk food. It really made us appreciate the healthy way of eating that this diet has taught us.

We sat down and discussed our fitness goals. We were able to come to an agreement about supporting and encouraging each other. We were also able to come to some common goals about when and where our workouts should be.

We are both more committed to the program now. We could see and feel the difference from being off of it for just one week. We also took a look at our progress pictures and could REALLY see the difference. It was very encouraging to see myself shrink in each picture.

I was still able to lose weigh in pounds this past week, in fact I lost more this week than any other week, but I gained back some size in inches. Today, Saturday, is our traditional free day. Tomorrow I will be back in the saddle starting with my morning cardio workout.

In all, I am glad I took some time off. I feel more committed to this program now and I feel like Vince is now more aware of just how much is support and encouragement (or lack thereof) effect me. I also feel like Vince finally saw and felt the difference that this program was making for him and is more committed to seeing it through for himself as well.

My weight on Wednesday morning was 240.2. That is a loss of 1.4 pounds for the week. Hopefully next week will be a similar loss along with some measurement decreases.

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