Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food Log and Medical Update

Yesterday was free day and boy did I live it up. I didn't start out the day thinking that I was going to eat so much junk food, it just ended up that way. I ended up making myself feel really sick too. Today, I'm bloated and retaining water from all of the salt I ate yesterday. When will I ever learn?

I was really nervous about my doctor's appointment yesterday. I had blood work done on Friday to check my hormone levels. Yesterday's appointment was to do an ultrasound to check out my ovaries and make a decision about whether I should start Clomid or have an HSG test done first.

My blood work came back the same as the first time. My LH was much higher than my FSH, indicating PCOS. My FSH was at 2.7, 2.4 is the lowest end of the "normal" range. This means that my body is not producing enough of that hormone to "push" my eggs to be fully mature and release. Meaning that when I ovulate, the egg(s) are not fully mature and can not be fertilized. My Estradiol (estrogen) test was not complete so I don't know how high it was.

My ovaries looked completely healthy. I had 6 eggs on each ovary. They are still very small (immature) but we are hoping that some of them do well this month.

The plan now is to have yet another blood test done this coming Friday to recheck my hormone levels. All of my hormones should be higher than they were this past Friday (because the closer you get to ovulation the higher the levels get). I will also do the HSG on Friday afternoon. Hopefully, my hormone levels will show that my eggs are maturing and my HSG will not show any blockages in my fullopian tubes. The doctor will also measure the eggs to see how far along they are.

If the eggs look like they are mature enough on their own to release and be fertilized, we will forgo drugs this month. If the eggs look like they need a "push" to become mature enough, then the doctor will prescribe Clomid to help things along.

I'm glad we have a plan. I'm nervous about the HSG, I've heard it can be pretty painful. It's all just a waiting game now.

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