Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food Log

We went out to eat tonight. We had a PEPPR (our ghost hunting group) meeting at Olive Garden. I don't really like Olive Garden. The food is not that great, the service is usually pretty poor, I can't eat most of what's on the menu because of all the dairy they use, and everything is loaded with salt. I looked up the menu on the daily plate and had settled on the Venetian Apricot Chicken. It is a grilled chicken dish with steamed veggies. It totals 448 calories. I was going to allow myself a small salad and 1 bread stick. My plan flew out the window once I sat down with the menu. I ended up ordering Chicken Gnocchi, substituting the alfredo sauce for a garlic butter sauce (not much better calorie wise). It was over almost 1000 calories. Then to top it off, I ordered dessert. I knew better and did it anyway. I suck. So here is my very bad, over by 500 calories, food log for today.

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