Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday weigh-in

I'm still in Phoenix visiting my mom. I haven't really been working out. I've gone to Curves with her a couple of times and we been doing a ton of walking but other than that, nothing. We haven't been eating well either. Not horrible, but not great either. Mom has been cooking most meals but she uses TONS of salt and oil/butter in all of her cooking. It tastes awesome but it is definitely taking it's toll on me.

Mom's scale is not calibrated. I weighed myself at the doctor just before I came out here and then weighed myself on mom's scale right when I arrived. So I'm estimating that her scale is about 10 pounds off. I did not bring a tape measure so I'm not able to take my measurements this week. This week's weight looks really good but I'm really not sure how accurate it is, so I'm not getting my hopes up too high. I also won't be too disappointed if my weight goes back up when I return home, simply because the scale at home is calibrated.

I feel bad that this is such a short post and doesn't really have a whole lot of information in it, but I'm working with what I have available here. Hopefully next week will look better.

Weight: 235 (-2.2 pounds)

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