Monday, May 10, 2010

Mondays suck

Mondays suck. That's right, I said it. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Ok, so maybe it's my own fault. Friday night's dinner was supposed to be left-over stuffed rotolo pasta with a big salad. Sounds good right? Wrong. Vince ended up working really late. I didn't feel like getting dinner together at 8:30 at night so when he called I said......

are you ready for it......

"Stop at McDonald's on the way home."

That started the downward spiral for our weekend. A Quarter Pounder meal (with soy cheese) and sweet tea is never a good idea. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh yeah, convenience. I felt horrible the next morning. Bloated from the salt and sick from the grease.

We had errands to run on Saturday but we were determined to get in a workout of some kind. So, we scheduled some letterboxing with friends in the afternoon. We did not find any boxes but we did get in a nice 4.5 mile hike. If you missed that story, here it is. We are leaving the park and in a bit of a rush. We spend more time there than we had planned and were now running late for a movie date with another couple. We were starving. We had not had breakfast or lunch and did not anticipate having dinner for several more hours, at least. We had just enough time to make a run to Chick-Fil-A, run home to eat, shower, and change clothes. Yes, you read that right. We got fast food again. Breaded, fried, chicken goodness on a greasy white bun. As if it could get worse, it had mayo on it. Full fat fries. Argghh. The weekend is pretty much blown at this point, but just wait, it gets worse.

We were forced to go see Iron Man 2 with our friends Saturday evening. (That was completely sarcastic in case you missed it. I actually really enjoyed the movie and the company.) Which of course meant that someone put a gun to my head and made me eat an entire bag of Reese's Pieces, a hand full of Gummi Bears, and a Twizzler.

It was one of our friend's birthday so we just had to go out for Thai food after the movie (more sarcasm there). Bring on the greasy, salt-laden Pad Thai and pork satay.

As good as the food was, I was really feeling it by Sunday morning. I had a headache, my fingers and toes were swollen, my face was a total grease pit, but there was more to come.

It was Mother's Day. I decided to bake some muffins to send to my mom and for Vince to take to work. I had to run to the store for a few missing items (isn't that always the case?). By the time I was finished baking, I had just enough time to whip up a protein shake and down it before heading out to church. Not doing too bad at this point. After church, we met up with Vince's family at one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. Casablanca Moroccan restaurant in Old Town. They sit you on pillows all around a large table. There is live belly dancing and awesome food. The table agrees on what to order since everyone shares the dishes. We got the six course feast. It begins with Harira soup, a tomato and lentil soup. The next course is Moroccan salad. It consists of several fresh vegetables that have been seasoned and marinated. Our salad was chick peas, green beans, and beets. The salads change based on what is in season. The third course is my favorite. The Bastilla Pastry. It is a phyllo dough filled pie. The pie is filled with a mixture of chicken, eggs, and nuts. It is seasoned with cinnamon and sugar. I could easily make an entire meal out of just this. We ordered two entrees. We got lamb with fig and sesame and kafta kabobs. Vince's sister also ordered couscous and hummus as side dishes. The lamb was awesome. It just fell off the bone. The kabobs are made of seasoned ground beef and served with a rice/vegetable mix. It was also very good. The meal ends with Moraccan mint tea and almond cookies. We stayed to have a couple of drinks after dinner and watch the show. I shudder at the thought of how many calories this meal must have been.

After getting home, Vince wasn't tired yet so we stayed up. I was bored and tired, so what do I do? I eat. I had two apple muffins and a glass of sweet tea while I was waiting for Vince to get tired. I really should have just gone to bed but the horrendous weekend of eating was finally over.

So here it is, Monday. The dreaded Monday. It should be the start of a new week. A new chance to try to do it right. I decided I wanted to do my weigh-ins on Mondays so I went ahead and did all of my measurements this morning. Boy was that a bad idea. Or was it? I guess it really showed me what I did to myself over the weekend. It is probably a much more accurate picture of my weight. So here it is, my shame, my weigh-in.

Weight: 237.8 (+2 pounds)
Hips: 49 inches (+1 inch)
Waist: 40 inches (+1 inch)
Bust: 38 inches (no change)
Arms: 14.5 inches (+1 inch)
Thighs: 25.5 inches (no change)
Calves: 17 inches (+.5 inch)

I've been good today. I had a bowl of oat cereal with half a cup of soy milk for breakfast. I've been downing water like there's no tomorrow (hoping to flush out all the salt from the weekend). I've got quite a few chores to do today but I plan to fit in a long elliptical session and a new protein smoothie recipe. I'll let you know how it goes.

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