Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Workouts

I'm really trying to get back into a good workout routine. I don't want to be bored with doing the same workout every day, so I'm branching out. Letterboxing and the nice weather has been a great help.

Our favorite park is Lake Accotink Park in Springfield. Vince grew up just down the street and knows all of the trails backwards and forward. The main trail circles around the lake and is 4 miles long. We have collected almost all of the letterboxes at Lake Accotink, so we are going to have to start going to another park pretty soon.

Today however was a huge bust. Not only did we not find the two letterboxes that we were looking for, but we also added on an additional half mile to our hike. We took a couple of friends with us who had never been to the park before. They wanted to learn about letterboxing. They did not however want us to tell them anything about the park trails. They wanted to "figure it out on their own". Great.

So we had walked the trail for 2 miles, we were halfway around the lake at this point. We reached the tip of the trail where you can either choose to turn to go around the other side of the lake or continue on the trail until you reach the road at the other end. The road is about a quarter of mile further down the trail. As much as we tried to explain to our friends that the boxes we were looking for were not down that way they would not listen. We read and re-read the clues to the boxes. We knew we needed to continue on the main trail along the other side of the lake. They wouldn't listen. So we walked to the road at the end of the trail and you know what? That was not where the boxes were. So we turned around and walked back to the turn off for the main trail. We added half a mile for nothing.

I know it was ultimately a good thing. Right? I mean it can't be bad to walk an extra half mile. Sure I was sore at the end and my feet hurt but it didn't kill me. I actually kind of enjoyed myself. I need more of this. I need to push myself more and find ways to enjoy it.

I am going to look into taking some classes at my gym. I'm thinking of trying a spin class and maybe a step class. I'm hoping that by having different types of workouts I won't get bored and give up. We'll see how it goes.

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