Monday, July 12, 2010

Weigh In

Hi there! I know I haven't posted anything this week. It was a busy week. We were getting ready for a yard sale, so most of my time was taken up with going through our storage unit, sorting junk, and tagging items. Then we got rained out on Saturday so our yard sale is postponed until this coming Saturday. At least I have all of the work done.

I'm pretty happy with my results this week. I didn't have a huge loss but I did have a loss, which is better than the last few weeks. I'm hoping that this means I'm over the plateau and will be on the losing train again.

I am feeling much better about my diet. I started using The Daily Plate again. I even downloaded the app for my iTouch so I can use it while I'm out. I really wasn't doing too bad but my carbs got a little out of control. I've upped my calorie intake to 1600 to see if that would push me into losing weight again.

I've also been doing really well with the Couch to 5k program. I didn't think I would like it as much as I do. I love that I can go at my own pace. It may take me forever to finish the 5k but I do finish it. I know that the longer I do it, the faster I'll get so I'm not really worried about my times right now. It is an awesome workout but I never feel like I over did it. I have not felt sore or strained, just more energetic. It really is a great feeling. I do need to buy some new shoes though. I've been using my regular cross trainers (shhh, don't tell anyone) and think that I'll need actual running shoes if I start running outside. Fortunately it has been way to hot and humid to do much of anything outdoors so I've been at the gym.

I know that my weight loss has been slow going but I'm happy with the results so far. I know it won't happen overnight and I think I'm being pretty healthy about it. I'm a little disappointed with Vince's commitment though. He has stopped doing his "no processed foods" diet and he has pretty much stopped working out. He says that he just has too much stress to think about dieting and not enough time in the day to get in a workout. He also said that he feels better after a stressful day when he can come home and have junk food. Just yesterday as we were out running errands he tried to convince me to make a stop at McDonald's before going out to dinner with friends. Yes, you read that right. He wanted to have a meal at McDonald's and then go out to dinner two hours later. I convinced him that having an Italian Ice (90 calories) would be much more enjoyable on such a hot day. So we stopped at Rita's instead of McD's. He also picked up a bunch of granola bars and stuff to "snack on". I told him he had to take them to work because I did not want them in the house. It makes me sad that he really has no desire to lose weight and become healthier. No matter how much healthy food I have in the house or how much cooking I do, it just isn't enough for him. I know I can't force him to participate but I wish he would, it would make things much easier if we were doing this together.

Well, tonight will be a little heavy on the carbs. It is my mother-in-law's birthday so we will be going out to eat (although I'll try to keep it healthy) and have cake after dinner. I'm baking the cake but it is definitely not low-cal or healthy in any way. But boy is it good. :)

Here are the stats for this week:

Weight: 236.6 (-1 pounds)
Hips: 49 inches (no change)
Waist: 39 inches (-1 inch)
Bust: 37 inches (-1 inch)
Arms: 14 inches (no change)
Thighs: 25.5 inches (+.5 inch)
Calves: 16.5 inches (no change)

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